Never stumble while recording using Camprompter!

All of us are now used to recording things on our phones. From short videos to vlogs to long videos, everything right on the phone.

But not all of us are the best public speakers or have English as our first language.

This makes recording videos a nightmare.

And even if you are good on the mic, why bother with learning scripts?

We tried solving this problem with Camprompter. Its a teleprompter but for your phone.

CamPrompter is a front-camera enabled teleprompter that helps you record scripted videos just by using your phone.


  1. Record videos from your front or back camera, while reading from a super
    imposed script.
  2. The script is placed in a way that your eyes focus on the camera, simulating a conversation with your audience even though you’re reading from a script.
  3. Adjust the scroll speed according to your comfort level.
  4. Record in portrait or landscape mode.
  5. Align the text either left, right or centre.


  1. Can be used for making videos for Instagram in portrait mode.
  2. Using the landscape mode you can create content for LinkedIn, Youtube
    and other platforms.
  3. Social media influencers can use Comprompter to create videos where they read and interact with the audience at the same time.
  4. Great for students and professionals to record for job interviews.

Anyway, I really think whoever you are, if you are recording video, Camprompter will help you.

Download Camprompter for Android—

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