Studies have time and again showed that Gratitude is a very powerful instigator of happiness and satisfaction. Individuals who have a sense of Gratitude for whatever the cause may be, consistently rank higher in the happiness index.

Historically, humans displayed Gratitude with a prayer to God. This has been one…

All of us are now used to recording things on our phones. From short videos to vlogs to long videos, everything right on the phone.

But not all of us are the best public speakers or have English as our first language.

This makes recording videos a nightmare.

And even…

“Whatever that is worth doing, why is it worth doing?”, says Elon Musk while talking about dilemmas as a child during his early tryst with philosophy. I remember recently, a video by Simon Sinek went viral. It talked about the fact that great companies were built on the Why’s. That…

Aditya Joshi

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